Event Overview

The Pakistan Sustainability Meet will focus on building a sustainable environment for all. This will be an important gathering with a unique platform to promote the nation’s sustainability vision. The main focus of the meet is to develop a green and circular economy that is receptive to national needs and consistent with the global direction. OUR VISION To accelerate the transition towards a more sustainable country.

The meet is the ideal meeting place for stakeholders, C-level executives, leading industry experts, manufacturers and suppliers, technology pioneers, decision makers, policy makers and government officials from across the value chain to engage, share ideas, network, share their knowledge, discuss current challenges, future trends and business opportunities, to develop effective market strategies, and identify latest solutions to outline strategies for delivering sustainability goals.

The Meet is designed to link the suppliers, distributors and manufacturers from the across all the sustainable Sector, with key decision makers from the government and private sectors, making it a definitive networking platform, where new projects and partnerships are initiated and visionary objectives are implemented.

The event will lay foundation and be the gateway to the current and future trends in the sector, for the industry professionals to communicate, share ideas, identify solutions, to operate effectively and efficiently and stay abreast with the latest global trends.

The meet will feature a great line-up of stellar speakers participating in case studies, panel discussions, standalone presentations providing and sharing the best industry practices and experiences, spotlighting trends, information exchange, insights and outlooks with actionable takeaways.

The meet will feature a B2B exhibition which will showcase The Event will also feature a comprehensive B2B Expo showcasing an array of inventive solutions, latest technologies, cutting- edge innovation, unique launches, cost-effective products, services, and solutions customized to adapt to the given demands across all sectors. It will also facilitate a partnership between the public and private sectors to enable innovation and sustainability in sustainable projects.


Conserve Water


Say No To Single Use Plastic


Save Paper, Save Trees


Conserve Electricity


Reuse Reduce Recycle

SDG Highlighted

Shedding light on Pakistan’s sustainable development goal which is commendable as it was one of the first countries among several others who endorsed it globally in 2015. Pakistan’s SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) was approved by the parliament as part of the National development Agenda in mainstreaming, accelerating, and supporting policies. Ministry of Planning, Development & Special Initiatives (MoP&SI), Government of Pakistan, Planning & Development Departments of provincial governments with the massive support of UNDP institutionalized Vision 2030 agenda which is a five year’s joint project of “National Initiative for Sustainable Development Goals”.